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We take very serious responsibility for security and privacy of our partners, any technical issue triggered in our multichannel monitoring system is dealt with utmost importance by the specially assigned team. Our organization will always do its best to deliver the most up-to-date financial safety solutions, as we always strive to achieve a higher level of silent "background" protection. You can rest assured your private account data will remain confidential, strongly encrypted and securely stored in a remote, state of the art datacenter. We believe our users should not be bothered with security issues at all, leaving our Safety Department specialist team to solve any issues efficiently behind the scenes. We will keep our vigilant eye protecting your funds & privacy by any means. Your trust will never be arbitrated. globalfranchisebusiness.com Online Platform crafted for your bright future with zero compromises!


Data Isolation, Integrity and SSL:

Your classified info is stored on a high-end redundant server, using special RAID configuration to guarantee data integrity. Our back-end database is located on separate server at an undisclosed location, with encrypted isolation & constant backup for instant recovery, in case it compromised. We have setup the "Extended Validation SSL Certificate", with 256 Bits data encryption and up to 4096 Bits for the certificate. SSL is always enforced to secure financial transactions & data entry.

DDoS Protection & 24/7 Monitoring:

We utilize top DDoS mitigation services at once, to enhance server protection against distributed denial of service attacks, and increase our availability. We have also developed a unique filtering system using our custom software & high-end hardware firewall to enforce clean traffic passage. Dedicatedly managed & constantly monitored for back-doors by highly experienced sys-admins. Ultimately our goal is to provide fast site access, with hassle free & user's friendly environment.

Service Confidentiality:

One of the most important advantage of using our globalfranchisebusiness.com platform is the fact your private information and earnings stays 100% confidential at all times. This fact ensures your peace of mind to focus on your finances and plan your investment strategy and reach your goals safely. However, if you believe your account was somehow compromised, we ask of you to please Contact Us via our form as soon as possible. globalfranchisebusiness.com support staff is always at you service!


Transfers and Funds Security in globalfranchisebusiness.com

Time & experience have taught us self-discipline, that we have applied by setting up some ground rules. The most important one is our "Net Capital" Rule, there for our internal regulation, requiring us to always secure funds by moving it forward, yet maintain proper liquidity rate in our back-end accounts to promptly satisfy our member's withdrawal requests in a timely manner. Therefore, digital funds deposited into our platform are handled swiftly, moved out into segregated accounts daily to protect it from a possible hack. We'll always take necessary actions to stay ahead of the curve & guard our member's funds at all costs.

Customized Platform Security Protocols

Key advantage to using our platform services is the fact your account information & earnings are 100% confidential and always in your control. This fact ensures you peace of mind to focus on plans strategy and goals. However, if you believe your account was compromised, we ask of you: Please contact our support (there wasn't a case we couldn't solve yet). globalfranchisebusiness.com's support team is always at you service!

Transfers and
Funds Security
Crypto-Currency Solution

Why should you use Cryptocurrency? That is the question and its a good question — best of all the answer seems to be fairly simple. Over the last couple of years, the term cryptocurrency has been rapidly gaining ground and understanding of its use and value in the public eye. At first it seemed unfamiliar and somewhat scary, like the credit card looked to users in its early days. You might be more familiar with terms like Bitcoin, and Ether. These are all cryptocurrencies using the Blockchain Technology. As a result of the great work of the Blockchain Technology to keep this currency and technology safe, we are the benefactors.

How will cryptocurrency help you?

Below, I will outline some pros and cons of us adopting a global acceptance of Cryptocurrency. And my hopes with this is, you will understand the benefits of cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrencies are digital and cannot be counterfeited or reversed arbitrarily by the sender, as with credit card charge-backs.

Immediate Settlement:

Purchasing real property typically involves a number of third parties (Lawyers, Notary), delays, and payment of fees. In many ways, the bitcoin/cryptocurrency blockchain is like a “large property rights database,” says Gallippi. Bitcoin contracts can be designed and enforced to eliminate or add third party approvals, reference external facts, or be completed at a future date or time for a fraction of the expense and time required to complete traditional asset transfers.

Lower Fees:

There aren’t usually transaction fees for cryptocurrency exchanges because the miners are compensated by the network (Side note: This is the case for now). Even though there’s no bitcoin/cryptocurrency transaction fee, many expect that most users will engage a third-party service, such as Coinbase, creating and maintaining their own bitcoin wallets. These services act like Paypal does for cash or credit card users, providing the online exchange system for bitcoin, and as such, they’re likely to charge fees. Its interesting to note that Paypal does not accept or transfer bitcoins.

Identity Theft:

When you give your credit card to a merchant, you give him or her access to your full credit line, even if the transaction is for a small amount. Credit cards operate on a “pull” basis, where the store initiates the payment and pulls the designated amount from your account. Cryptocurrency uses a “push” mechanism that allows the cryptocurrency holder to send exactly what he or she wants to the merchant or recipient with no further information

Access to Everyone:

There are approximately 2.2 billion individuals with access to the Internet or mobile phones who don’t currently have access to traditional exchange systems. These individuals are primed for the Cryptocurrency market. Kenya’s M-PESA system, a mobile phone-based money transfer, and microfinancing service recently announced a bitcoin device, with one in three Kenyans now owning a bitcoin wallet. (Let me repeat that again. 1/3)


A global network of computers use blockchain technology to jointly manage the database that records Bitcoin transactions. That is, Bitcoin is managed by its network, and not any one central authority. Decentralization means the network operates on a user-to-user (or peer-to-peer) basis. The forms of mass collaboration this makes possible are just beginning to be investigated.

Recognition at universal level:

Since cryptocurrency is not bound by the exchange rates, interest rates, transactions charges or other charges of any country, therefore it can be used at an international level without experiencing any problems. This, in turn, saves lots of time as well as money on the part of any business which is otherwise spent in transferring money from one country to the other. Cryptocurrency operates at the universal level and hence makes transactions quite easy.


Bitcoin is a digital currency(also called crypto-currency) that is not backed by any country's central bank or government. Discover Bitcoin


Dash is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that offers instant transactions private transactions and token fungibility Discover Dash


Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license. Discover Litecoin


Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality. Discover Ethereum