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Global Franchise Business



GlobalFranchiseBusiness Platform offers its customers an option to automatically reinvest the income received on programs. If you choose this option, income that is supposed to be credited to your account will be automatically added to the value of the program that generated that income. Remember, when you reinvest, you receive income on your reinvested capital.

Reinvestment of income is a good way to quickly increase your capital. If you do not require additional regular income at the time, reinvestment can boost your total profits by as much as 40%. Remember, when you reinvest, you receive income on your reinvested capital. This means that your earnings start working for you on the very next day!

The reinvestment option can be activated from inside your account menu. You may set different levels of reinvestment:0%,10%, 25%, 50%,80% or 100%. In cases where you set your level at 50%, half of your earnings will be added to the program and half credited to your account.

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Aug-10-2021 10:37:34 AM
Legal & Financial Development
It is very important to provide as much information as possible yet keep companyʼs most valuable business secrets and tactics unreachable to competitors or attackers.

a) Extended Legal Information Page & Transparent company taxation details.

All the necessary company documents, certificates of good standing and paid tax history for better transparency between the user and a company.

b) Live Transactions Page.

All the Platformʼs operations (including userʼs transactions, systemʼs transfers, spendings & exchange) can be visible to all GlobalFranchiseBusiness users at any time with a direct verification link or batch data.

c) Physical Copy of your Investment Certificate.

Optional worldwide UPS, Fedex shipping of your investorʼs / leaderʼs documents package (administration signed, hot sealed with officially limited company watermarks).

Jul-22-2021 10:17:19 AM
Global Expansion & Extensive promotion
Nothing can be more effective and right than real social impact when itʼs not about money or personal wealth but something bigger than yourself. Simple people around you whoʼs, if united together, can make extraordinary positive changes in our world.

a) Offline Promotion Package & Merchandise Store

b) Optional “Trust Holder” representative user status. Direct management of your teamʼs investments for better Platformʼs fund's decentralization.

c) Global Franchise Educational Conferences aimed at developing countries & communities.

Jul-12-2021 10:33:38 AM
Community & Social Features
Uniting people and bringing the financial independence back to you, will always remain as our communityʼs main agenda. We strive to create a strong movement over an idea of stability & personal prosperity fully based on a time-proven business instrument and effective profit generating solutions.

a) Language & Localization

Additional localization of all GlobalFranchiseBusinessʼs pages and features. (Bahasa, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese language versions all come in a first priority)

b) Improved chat & local communities navigation.

GlobalFranchiseBusiness.com newcomers should receive a warm welcome from all the official Representatives as well as an opportunity to effortlessly navigate between local communities from their country or region.

c) Vacancies & Career Opportunities section

Decisive users can become a part of continuously growing GlobalFranchiseBusiness.com community and receive a suitable reward for their efforts on a regular basis. (Customer Support Assistants, Web-Developers, Designers, Motion-Video, Translation Services)

d) Gifts & Promotions Section.

Automatically updated area available for GlobalFranchiseBusiness.com users only will display all the recent promotions, leaderboard & potential rewards for community social activity.

Jun-19-2021 08:14:19 AM
Technical updates & Refinements
We understand that something can and should be improved as soon as you open your Personal Account Secure Area. Ready to hear your opinion we will work with all the feedback you provide us. From today we see the following key needs looking forward to be completed or improved:

a) Additional profile management & settings features.

Direct Upline partner edit feature, Additional security settings, Location Awareness.

b) Multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication is a method of computer access control in which a user is granted access only after successfully presenting several separate pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism.

c) Complete Platformʼs Mobile Version.

Native (not an automatically adaptive) version of all the necessary pages available on all modern devices. Comes with Secure Area, Informational Pages and etc.)

Jun-15-2021 10:13:43 AM
GlobalFranchiseBusiness Platform
At GlobalFranchiseBusiness we believe in the power of the schedule combined with an effective planning. Although our companyʼs “to-do list” is implemented in an adaptive manner. There is no coincidence or unexpected downgrades still we work flexible enough to allow ourselves to follow a stable future-proofed course within all the logical limits of an online investment market.

In order to show you all the possibilities which are all coming to you at GlobalFranchiseBusiness Platform, we will present our vision. Our very first goal is to provide you with outstanding service for years to come.

We can sub-divide this plan into 5 main categories.

In it very important to note that all the key categories and their sub-tasks can be implemented randomly and do not display any timeframes in particular.
1. Technical updates & Refinements
2. Community & Social Features
3. Legal & Financial Development
4. Global Expansion & Extensive promotion
5. Platform Based Services & Instruments

Jun-11-2021 10:28:33 AM
Income Always online.

We are pleased to inform you that our website is now available online. You can register and make a first deposit. We want to always be in touch with you, so we organized a live chat. We are always happy to answer your questions.
We are happy to inform that we has just crossed the $3,150000 mark in total investments and 3161 total account, after three months of being online. Our statistic and news page gives you great information about the development of our program. Dont forget to visit our site every

Most of our investors are now in profit and the reinvestment ratio is simply outstanding, showing trust and confidence from you, our partners. The industry has a very positive image and we happy to say they are very much right about it, our program is doing better than what we predicted, this is what we call a win-win situation, you win, we win.

We are very glad with your participation in our program, as well as with your impressive feedback in discussion direct messages to us. Keep the reviews and messages coming, they give us more power to work and create the best online investment program this industry has seen so far.

We would like to thank you for your continued support. Dont hesitate to Contact our staff when you have a question or suggestion for us.

Best Regards,
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Jun-10-2021 10:01:55 AM
Beneficial Partnership
The mutually beneficial partnership starts from a direct appreciation of your partner's work in a first place. GlobalFranchiseBusiness.com we've developed a unique affiliate program which can bring stable, long-term income to everyone, from exacting marketing professional to a simple user strives to spread the word about his decisiveness. By sharing an idea of GlobalFranchiseBusiness.com Platform's opportunities with your friends and colleagues, offering them trusted way to safely grow their capital, you can start building your team right now and receive commissions from all the network.

This New Era of online earnings brought us tremendous opportunities to live your life free and become truly independent.
Highest quality service and constant innovation will bring the power to our community!
Yes, we understand that there is a long way to run as well as trust and reputation can be built only on strong values with non-stop improvements, yet with a true passion for performing, we are here to bring you something worth working with and maybe even sharing to others.
You can be the judge of the quality of our efforts, let's build a stronger foundation for your bright future with no compromises!

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Apr-5-2021 08:11:05 AM
Welcome to GlobalFranchiseBusiness.com Online Investment Platform!
Our team worked very hard to provide you - users and partners, with top quality service right from the beginning. It's being over 6 months since the first stage of the platform's development. And today we are very pleased to announce to all the GlobalFranchiseBusiness.com fans that very first live version of the web-based Investment platform operated by GlobalFranchiseBusiness.com, is finally ready to accept clients from around the globe!

After many years in business, we've created a marketing solution destine to bring back your financial prosperity. With time-prooven franchising-based business and limitless opportunities, we are here to offer you this instrument focused at your success.
We have designed our financial plan.

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Mar-10-2021 08:25:29 AM