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What is globalfranchisebusiness.com.ONLINE?

GLOBAL FRANCHISE BUSINESS - American Investment Company Services Limited (GFB-AIСSL) Globalfranchisebusiness.com specializes in opening franchise restaurants Mcdonalds.Our view is that such business will generate superior returns over the long term. Globalfranchisebusiness.com Online is an innovative and practical investment platform, which welcomes all users worldwide. We act solely as a third-party between you (platform users) and the Enterprise (our investment).

Dividends are one way in which a company "shares the wealth" generated from running the business. They are usually a cash payment, often drawn from earnings, paid to the investors of a company – the shareholders. Food franchises still hold a strong 52% market share, and GLOBALFRANCHISEBUSINESS.COM is making its services open for anyone who wants stable profits by investing in a popular franchise of Mcdonald's. Investment Plan

Instant payment without timer

Updated affiliate program

0.8%-2.2% per day for 365 business days


What Business Do We Do?

We aim to provide shareholders with attractive investment returns through access to a steady stream of fully franked dividends and medium to long-term capital growth. Anyone from any part of the world has equal opportunities and conditions to participate in the company’s program. McDonald's is our largest business line. A lot of people every day. Our franchising McDonald's restaurants earn more than 50%-70% per day. The company pays investors 0.8% -2.2% per day. Accordingly, most of the work belongs exclusively to GLOBAL FRANCHISE BUSINESS.

You may count on receiving dividends 365 days a year with no worries. Every day, you may withdraw your dividends promptly. Our key objectives in this respect are to pay dividends that rise faster than inflation over time and to generate attractive total returns over the medium to long term. We will inspire our workers, excite our consumers, and enrich our investors to create the world's most successful franchise network. Our founders were able to strike discount agreements on franchise restaurants across the United States by realizing that food is the number one franchise sector.

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Accounts Registered: 17140

Funds Deposited: $ 105395376.21

Profit Paid: $ 21526848.21

Monitoring system: We paying  

Bitcoin Secure Fund: $ 72246523.21   (?) BSF. or “Bitcoin Security Fund” can be considered as an extra security feature for all active platform partners. It is constantly growing cryptocurrency safety fund. BSF is bitcoin addresses are fully under companyʼs control and access. BSF. built solely on automatically deducted sum from our profits and does not affect daily R.O.I of our investors. Is some force major cases, BSF. the fund can be used as a partial initial investment refund provided only to active investors (at the moment of the “force major case”). Another word, even if under some circumstances user loses an access to his principal, an extra opportunity aimed at partial/full “digital funds” refund can be offered by globalfranchisebusiness.com Online. management. The only type of risk that should be taken into account is force major that is not linked with bitcoinʼ currency rate, namely natural disasters (flood, fire, hurricane etc.). or harmful activity of a particular investor/partner (user) against deltair.online website, globalfranchisebusiness.com Online, globalfranchisebusiness.com Online Platform.

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McDonald's continues to be recognized as a premier franchising company around the world.

Many investors are optimistic about McDonald's chances in the future. The corporation has already made significant inroads into the worldwide market, with a presence in nearly every country. McDonald's, on the other hand, is far from saturated in several emerging economies. Furthermore, having thrived despite poor economic conditions in many parts of the world, McDonald's stands to benefit even more once the economy improves and consumers have more money to spend on discretionary expenditures like eating out.

For more than a decade now, McDonald's has continued to climb.

*McDonald's Annual Revenue USD

$ 24.622
$ 22.820
$ 21.025
$ 21.077
$ 19.208


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